Intense Process


Process Intenseification, Process Development, Continuous Manufacture, Flow Chemistry, Flow  Reactor, Microreactors, Energetic Matierals

Intense Process Technologies is the follow on start up company, that began as Proteaf Technologies in 2012. While Proteaf Technologies focused on the sale an distribution of products from top worldwide manufacturers of continuous processing equipment—Intense Process  is focused on developing intensified continuous processes, by utilizing cutting edge engineering tailored for specific chemical transformations. Our goal is to develop chemical processes that operate in substantially less space, require less energy, and much safer than conventional batch reactor or tubular static mixing technologies.

About Intense Process Technologies

About RAIN: 


RAIN(Readiness Acceleration & Innovation Network) is a science incubator operating in Tacoma Washington.  Founded in 2016, the RAIN houses a variety of active programs dedicated to science research.  Home to 12 staff members, the space offers startup resources including tissue culture, an organic chemistry lab, as well as organized working space and a lecture hall that hosts a regular “Superheroes of Science”  seminar series.  RAIN’s partnership with The University of Washington Tacoma, allows access to advanced research tools and world class researchers.  With partnerships with a number of industry and academic collaborators, RAIN is well situated to become a leading creator of scientific innovation.  https://www.rainincubator.org/

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