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The Kinetichem Synthetron™ is a lab scale,  single disk rotor-stator spinning disk reactor capable not only of rapidly scaling high heat processes to Kg/hr safely, but also providing the foundation to scaling into the multi-ton scale Spinning Disk Reactors.   The patented variable gap size allows for reaction channel heights as little as 50 µM but as wide as 2.5 inches with complete radial flow.  As a result, the reactor allows heat transfer similar to a super small microreactor--but at flow rates comparable to that of a very short pipe turbulent reactor.  With one profound difference--the disk spinning atop the stator is rotating at almost 14,000 rpm creating a dynamic mixing environment unlike any other reactor.  

The short path of this reactor makes it ideal for processes where viscosity pressure drop presents a challenge in other reactors.  These include polymerizations, reactions where one material is viscous  and the other is not, phase transfer reactions, and many others.  

Solids can also be handled in the reactor with equally intense results.  By adjusting the gap size to accomodate delivery, clogging can be mitigated. The video above illustrates the slurry handling capabilities of the reactor.

Synthetron Schematic:


Process understanding and control is created by up to 8 on board thermocouples and 3 pressure transmitters, allowing for complete calorimetric data collection. Power compensation stabilizes motor speed to overcome resistance that may occur as a result of process viscosity.   Full data logging allows recording of motor speed down to single digit rpm’s at multiple data points per second, as well as temperature and pressure making the unit suited for GMP qualification.  Works well with most types of pump feeds.  Including peristaltic and continuous syringe pumps.

Download: Synthetron  Spec Sheet

Screen Shot 2020 05 28 at 2.57.26 PM


Synthetron SDR

Video:  Feeding 1M Sodium Hydride Slurry to the Synthetron

Download: Whitepaper_ Successful Scale Up of Butyl-Lithium using the SpinPro Reactor - Flowid.pdf

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